Sabe sempre bem recordar esse clássico do cinema violento que é o Commando, filme interpretado (genialmente, diria eu) por esse animal sagrado que é o Arnaldo.
Mas ver a cena que vos deixo a seguir com sons do Unreal Tournament supera a produção original.

Curiosa também a opinião de uma review de um site chamado, onde conseguiram descortinar que o Arnaldo faz um papel homossexual neste filme (pela descrição que lá fazem, dizer homossexual é apenas uma maneira mais politicamente correcta de dizer que ele faz papel de bichona). Senão, vejam:

The first time we see Arnold in Commando, Mr. Olympia is carrying a big chainsaw with like a four-foot blade and an even larger log on one shoulder. He’s all sweaty and determined looking, rugged, and accompanied by a steamy sax solo! Bear City, USA man. While flipping through his daughter’s Tiger Beat a few scenes later, he exclaims, “Why don’t they just call him Girl George? It would cut down on the confusion.” Meaning of course that while others might have been confused about Boy George’s sexuality back in 1986, Arnold knew the straight truth. Or lack thereof.

When Arnold’s old commander comes to tell Die Governator that somebody is killing all of his old men, Schwarzenegger sneaks up behind him and puts a hard gun in his back. The commander says, “Silent and smooth–just like always.” Is that what straight men say when another dude sticks ‘em with something hard from behind? Didn’t think so. Arnold also of course picks up another man by his balls. And, for God knows what reason, Arnold is in a speedo for at least four minutes. Just paddling around in a boat.

Mas à frente a review torna-se mais séria (ou não) quando se trata de fazer a contagem de corpos mutilados no filme:

Corpse Count:
Commando almost features more murders than it does homosexual innuendos. Almost. 146 people are shot, blown up, stabbed, scalped, dropped off cliffs and mutilated. You might be thinking that the number I’m quoting is a little low. What you are not realizing is that fully 138 of those onscreen deaths happen during a four-minute time frame. Without doubt the bloodiest four minutes in the history of film. Easily trumping the finale of even Death Wish 3. In one particularly noteworthy sequence, Schwarzenegger’s character John Matrix manages to commit five murders using a pitchfork, an axe, a machete and two circular saw blades–all within the span of twenty seconds! He even kills two guys with one bullet.

Maybe even more impressive than the amount of men that he kills, is the amount of men that he just beats the living crap out of. Specifically one scene where he not only hits a guy with a phone booth, but where he throws eight grown men flying through the air at the same time!. The Wachowskis obviously stole this far superior scene for Neo’s lame-ass fight with 5 dozen Agent Smiths.

Depois de vos abrir o apetite (ou não), deixo-vos com um belo excerto dos 4 minutos mencionados acima, em que a contagem de mortos ascende aos 138…. Perdi foi a conta aos gajos que ele manda abaixo nestes dois minutos e meio, mas devem ser perto de 100.

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  1. ReplyJC Barros
    Goza com ele e depois admira-te que a vida não te corra bem.
    Uma vez também atingi o Godlike no UT.

    A cena em que a granada aterra ao lado dele é linda!

    Gostava de terminar este comentário com o facto sobre o Arnold que talvez pouca gente conheça:
    "If you spell Arnold Schwarzenegger in Scrabble, you win. Forever."