Arctic Monkeys

Os Franz Ferdinand de 2006?
O rock dançável de 2006?

[ #01] the view from the afternoon [3:38]
[ #02] i bet you look good on the dancefloor [2:53]
[#03] fake tales of san francisco [2:58]
[#04] dancing shoes [2:21]
[#05] you probably couldn’t see for the lights but you were looking straight at me [2:10]
[ #06] Still Take You Home [2:53]
[#07] Riot Van [2:15]
[#08] Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured [2:23]
[#09] Mardy Bum [2:55]
[#10] Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But… [4:28]
[#11] When The Sun Goes Down [3:20]
[#12] From The Ritz To The Rubble [3:13]
[#13] A Certain Romance [5:31]

Das 13 músicas do álbum consigo apontar imediatamente 7 (as que estão a negrito) capazes de se tornar singles com sucesso imediato.

Arctic Monkeys:
Label: Bang Bang Recordings

For the uninformed, this Sheffield quartet have been causing a buzz of late in the capital with some boisterous and overpopulated live performances; shows so packed that even Steve Lamacq (yes, the Steve Lamacq) couldn’t get in.

‘Fake Tales Of San Francisco,’ featuring a riff so simple yet so addictive it hurts, is three minutes of the Monkeys doing what they do best, namely offering sharp but funny social commentary in a South Yorkshire patois over bursts of punky, poppy, sometimes ska inflected, guitar.

With lyrics like ‘you’re not from New York, you’re from Rotherham / so get off the bandwagon and put down the handbook,’ they might just be the antidote to the Poptones roster. ‘From The Ritz To The Rubble,’ describing encounters between overzealous bouncers and inebriated clubbers, starts slowly with a spoken introduction but ends frantically with overdriven guitars all over the shop.

PS: Obrigado “Canneloni” por me teres falado deles.

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